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A linkname is a name that’s also a valid website.

Examples (musician) (defunct social sharing site) (music discovery site) (defunct online meeting site) (musician)


Test: does it work if you type the linkname into a browser and hit enter?

And yes, linknames are different (although related) to domain hacks.




Strong linknames:

Weak linknames:



How are linknames different to domain hacks?

Linknames are related to, and can overlap with, domain hacks. However:

Are linknames a protocol?

No. They are a naming convention, a bit like hashtags or handles beginning with ‘@’.

Why should I use a linkname?

See Rationale.

What’s the point of linknames?

See Rationale.

Are linknames new?

In a way, no:

But also, yes:

What are examples of how linknames can be used?

Here are three:

  1., a street artist who paints their name in a way that makes it possible for people to find them online and connect with the rest of their art
  2. Cinnamon.Soy/Latte: a specialist coffee truck that’s been stung in its reliance on increasingly expensive Instagram ads, and wants loyal customers to join a newsletter hosted at their site where they’ll get updates on the truck’s location
  3. Wispy.World: a podcast about clouds which lists as a linkname across all podcast platforms to nudge fans towards content and cloud t-shirts on their site

Note: these are hypothetical.

How do I make a linkname?


  1. Figure out a name you want to call your project or organization
  2. Try to devise a linkname for it by adding ‘.’ and ‘/’ in a way that makes it a valid website
    1. You may use one of hundreds of TLDs
    2. You may prefer to devise your linkname by starting with the list of available TLDs
  3. Check if the domain is still available, and if so purchase it
    1. These tools may help:
      1. Domain.Garden, to search through hundreds of TLDs for domains that are available
      2. Namecheap, GoDaddy, Gandi etc., to purchase domains
      3. Cloudflare, which can manage your domain for free, and help you create redirects for any pages that would form part of your linkname
  4. Use the linkname as the primary name for your project or organization


Where can I use my linkname?